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    How to Build Good Social Skills in Your Dog

    Published 23 January, 2014 by tdadmin

    Do you want your puppy to get along well with other dogs? Would you like to have pleasant conversations with other people while your...

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    Train Like The Experts with Positive Reinforcement

    Published 10 December, 2013 by tdadmin

    If you have a dog that is poorly behaved, learning more about dog training can really help your dog become more obedient. Here are...

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    Your Dog Is Listening – Are You Speaking His Language?

    Published 4 December, 2013 by tdadmin

    Everyone knows that a dog who is obedient, disciplined and carefully trained is a more enjoyable companion and a treasure for any household. A...

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    Sometimes Dogs Need to Learn Old Tricks Over Again

    Published 26 November, 2013 by tdadmin

    Aggressive behaviors, excessive barking and general disobedience are annoying to a dog owner. These bad habits can be changed. While dog training will not...

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    Why Your Dog Craves Consistent Rules

    Published 17 November, 2013 by tdadmin

    To have a happy life with your dog, you need to make sure that it is properly trained. When you are consistent with your...

  • Getting Your Dog to Tune In to Your Routine

    Published 11 November, 2013 by tdadmin

    Why did you want to get a dog? Maybe it’s because you couldn’t resist that precious face! It goes without saying that obedient dogs...